TCA Tanoira Cassagne advises Teamcubation on Funding Round


TCA Tanoira Cassagne provided legal advice to Teamcubation on its latest seed financing round, with the participation of Alaya Capital Partners IIIl, FJ Labs LP, MrPink Inception Fund LP, and Opera Capital Ventures LP as investors.

Teamcubation, the company that has revolutionized the technology sector by solving the problem of talent scarcity and lack of experience, offers training services to junior programmers hired by the companies. Their mission is to act as a “bridge between education and work,” accelerating the adaptation and knowledge process of recent graduates to achieve their rapid incorporation into large projects.

The investment achieved with this financing round confirms the company’s recognition by leading investors and the vast potential of its platform. With this new milestone, Teamcubation seeks to consolidate its position in the region and strengthen its potential within the technology sector.

TCA Tanoira Cassagne, through its New Business, Innovation and Digital Transformation area, advised Teamcubation’s founders and team throughout the entire execution of the financing round.

Partners: Manuel Tanoira; Lucía Rivas O’Connor.

Associate: Eugenia Martinez Gualco.

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