TCA Tanoira Cassagne advised on the first issuance of Notes of Ratto Hnos.


TCA Tanoira Cassagne advised Ratto Hnos. S.A.C.F.A. (“Ratto Hnos.” or the “Company”) as issuer and Banco CMF S.A. and Banco Supervielle S.A. as arrangers and placement agents (the “Arrangers and Placement Agents”), in the issuance of PyMEs CNV Guaranteed Series I Notes for an aggregate amount of AR$1,318,624,950 (the “Notes”), denominated and to be paid in pesos, due on May 9, 2026, with a variable annual nominal interest rate equivalent to the Badlar Rate plus a margin of 1.49%. The Notes were issued on May 9, 2024.

The Notes are fully guaranteed by Banco CMF S.A. and Banco Supervielle S.A. as Guarantee Entities duly authorized by the National Securities Commission (“CNV” for its acronym in Spanish).

Ratto Hnos. is an Argentinean company of the agricultural sector. The Company is a John Deere concessionaire that sells farm machinery in 5 (five) sales points to a wide range of customers.

Deal counsels

TCA Tanoira Cassagne:Partners Alexia Rosenthal and Jaime Uranga, and Associates Juan Sanguinetti, Carolina Mercero and Ana Lucía Miranda.

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