TCA Tanoira Cassagne advise on the issuance of Series IV Treasury Notes of the Province of Río Negro.


The Province of Río Negro (the “Province”), has successfully issued the Series IV Treasury Notes maturing on Dec 22, 2024, with a nominal annual variable rate equivalent to the Badlar Rate plus a margin of 15.00%, for a total aggregate amount of AR$ 4,000,000,000 (“Treasury Notes Series IV”), under the Province’s Global Treasury Notes Program for the year 2023, within the total aggregate amount of AR$ 12,000,000,000 or its equivalent in other currencies (the “Program”). The issue date of the Treasury Notes Series IV was Dec 22, 2023.

Treasury Notes Series IV were secured with the assignment of Federal Tax Co-Participation Regime paid to the Province.

Banco Patagonia S.A. acted as arranger and placement agent. Puente Hnos S.A.; Balanz Capital Valores S.A.U.; Adcap Securities Argentina S.A.; Banco Comafi S.A. and BACS Banco de Crédito y Securitización S.A. acted as Sub placement agents.

TCA Tanoira Cassagne participated as deal counsel, through a team led by partners Alexia Rosenthal and Jaime Uranga and associates Juan Sanguinetti, Teófilo Trusso, Juan Manuel Simó y Ana Lucía Miranda.

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