TCA Tanoira Cassagne acted as legal advisor in the organization of the program “AGROCAP” and the issuance the first Financial Trust “ALZ Agrocap Serie I”


TCA Tanoira Cassagne acted as deal counsel in the creation of the program of trust debt securities “AGROCAP” (the “Program”) for a total aggregate amount of US$20,000,000 and the issuance of the first financial trust “ALZ Agrocap Serie I” (the “Trust”), under the Program.

Banco CMF S.A. acted as trustee and issuer (the “Trustee”) and ALZ Semillas S.A. acted as trustor (the “Trustor”), in the issuance of trust debt securities under the Trust for a total aggregate amount of $4,379,422.

Banco CMF S.A. acted as arrangement agent, and jointly with Macro Securities S.AU. as placement agents of the Trust.

The purpose of the issuance, through the proposed innovative structure, was to fund the Trustor with the assignment to the Trust of publicly traded promissory notes purchased by the Trustor and originated by companies that have been financed through one or more issuance of such stock market promissory notes, for the purpose of purchasing goods or services from one of the companies of the group (ALZ Agro group, comprised of ALZ Semillas S.A., ALZ Nutrientes S.A. and ALZ Mercados S.A.).

ALZ Semillas S.A. is a young but experienced company dedicated to the commercialization of seeds, fertilizers and agrochemicals.

The Argentine Securities Commission authorized the Program on September 13, 2023, and on October 10, 2023, was authorized the Trust and the public offering of the trust debt.

Deal Counsel of the Transaction: TCA Tanoira Cassagne acted through a team led by partners Alexia Rosenthal and Jaime Uranga; and Associates Juan Sanguinetti, Carolina Mercero and Diego Alejo Medici Raymundi.

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