Four new partners joined Tanoira Cassagne Abogados


On October 2015, Tanoira Cassagne Abogados incorporated to the firm the following four new partners: Santiago J. Monti, José María Cier, Fernando Aldazabal Carrillo and Norberto Ignacio Regueira.

With their incorporation, the Law Firm mainly strengthens the Corporate Law, Litigation and Bankruptcy practice areas and adds two important areas such as Oil, Gas, and Alternative Energy, and Media and Entertainment Law. The new partners have a vast experience and solid education on their fields of expertise. 

Santiago J. Monti is specialized in Corporate Law, Arbitration and Litigation. He attended the US Business Law program at Michigan University, United States of America (2001). He was co-author of books connected to his field of expertise and has published several articles and papers. He was Assistant Professor of Advanced Corporate Law at the Master’s Degree on Business Law at Palermo University; Assistant Professor of Business Law and Corporations at the School of Law of Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales, and of Commercial Law at the School of Law of Buenos Aires University. He participated as visiting professor in different post-graduate courses at Buenos Aires University. His practice is focused on providing advice and conducting M&A transactions, corporate matters, arbitration and commercial litigation. In this sense, he has advised local and foreign investors in connection with the purchase and sale of shares and goodwill, he has participated in important corporate reorganization processes both of local and foreign companies, including mergers, spin-offs and joint-ventures. Furthermore, he has participated in arbitration proceedings pursuant to the ICC rules, as well as in other arbitration proceedings before the Court of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange and pursuant to the rules of the Centro Empresarial de Mediación y Arbitraje [Business Center of Mediation and Arbitration].

José María Cier, is specialized in Business Law, Oil and Gas. He occupied several relevant public offices. He participated in the Oil Law Conference held in Mar del Plata in 1987. Speaker at the New Oil Policies conference series organized by Buenos Aires University, Under secretariat of Energy, Ministry of Works and Public Services and Gral. Mosconi Energy Institute. He participated at: the seminar of international trade of chemical and petrochemical products, Inst. Petroquímico Argentino, 1991; 13th Oil World Congress. Former member of: International Bar Association (Energy Secretary); Grupo de Trabajo en Energía, U.B.A. Legal advisor of Hiparsa during the process to take Hipasam (Hierro Patagónico de Sierra Grande Sociedad Anónima Minera) to a provincial level. Furthermore, he was President of Libra Foundation, that received from CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution, United States of America, the Special Award for Excellence and Innovation in Alternative Dispute Resolution due to its ground-breaking work on the Introduction of Mediation in Argentina and its support to the development of the Mediation National Plan; and was also distinguished by the Association of Professionals on Conflict Resolution with the “Mary Parker Follet Award”, USA, for the innovation and excellence in the development of RAD. He has also been an arbitrator of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Fernando Aldazabal Carrillo is specialized in Corporate Law, Media and Entertainment Law. He attended a master’s degree in Business Law at Austral University. He provides legal advice to companies; especially, he has a vast experience on drafting contacts, conflict prevention, matters connected to consumer defense and fair-trading. He participated in several M&As. He specializes in Entertainment Law and has given comprehensive advice (hiring of artists, sponsoring venues, media, permits, closure of stadiums, etc.) to the biggest and most important artistic shows that were performed in Argentina and other neighboring countries in the last 15 years. He also provided comprehensive legal advice to Broadway musicals and performances of the Canadian company Cirque Du Soleil. Legal advisor of the ticket companies having the biggest sales volume in the country. He was in charge of the negotiations and contracts drafting for naming venues of theatres and stadiums. Legal advisor on matters connected to the use of image and advertising campaigns of mass consumption products. Advisor of media and multimedia companies. Advisor of advertising agencies, marketing and digital marketing companies of the region. As counsel of sports marketing companies, he has participated in negotiations and provided legal advice on international golf tournaments (PGA de las Américas and European Challenge Tour) both in Mexico and in Argentina. 

Norberto Ignacio Regueira is specialized in Corporate Law and Litigation. He conducted post-graduate studies in Legal Advice to companies, negotiation and strategy. He provides advice to companies of the catering sector and to the chamber that represents them. He is in charge of negotiating collective agreements with the unions of such industry and of drafting the agreements. He advises companies of the gambling sector, such as casinos, bingo clubs, racetracks, the lottery. He acts as lawyer of trustees in bankruptcy before the National Commercial Justice. He serves companies in crisis. He is in charge of Cultural Industries programs and answers queries from non-profit associations (Sociedad Argentina de Escritores, Centro de Estudios Gardelianos) and Museums. In close connection with these matters, he provides support to companies related to the application of the Patronage Law in the City of Buenos Aires.

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